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Your company on Facebook

1 May 2020 by Kamil Brzoza

Facebook is a social network that brings people together in groups and networks. Its users have the ability to share photos, videos and messages with other people. This well-known social medium is a rich source of information and entertainment, and account holders can use many widely available applications.

Why should you opt for a Google Ads campaign?

27 April 2020 by Mikolaj Sokolowski

A lot of entrepreneurs are wondering if it is worth investing in Google Ads. Some of us see great potential in such a campaign, but are still hesitant to make the final decision. What is worth knowing about this topic? Why use Google Ads?

Is it worth advertising on Twitter?

26 April 2020 by Marcin Rott

Among social media, Facebook and Instagram are the leaders. This is where the largest advertising campaigns take place. Virtually every company has an account there, actively building the image of their brand and promoting their products. Does this mean that only there you can actively fight to attract new customers?

Why use LinkedIn in your marketing activities?

20 April 2020 by Kamil Brzoza

LinkedIn is an extremely popular business network today to present your skills and previous professional experience to a potential employer. The initiation of appropriate actions via this platform undoubtedly has a great impact on employee development, but not only.